How We Recruit & Build Teams

To start, we don’t hire people. We used to, but those days are long gone. Today we partner with people who we’ve worked with successfully. They know us and we know them. The partnerships are mutually beneficial. It used to be that companies always hired people as employees and gave them W-2s at the endContinue reading “How We Recruit & Build Teams”

3 Steps To Ending Distractions

Assuming that you currently have a proper mindset and that you’re determined to become a successful entrepreneur, then you’ll quickly find that enemy #1 to you getting the job done is distraction. A distraction is anything that successfully pulls you away from the tasks at hand. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a matter of completingContinue reading “3 Steps To Ending Distractions”

Simplicity Versus Complexity

Would you say that Amazon is a simple or complex business? How about Starbucks? I would say that they’re both simple businesses that have used complex systems to scale. And scale they have, but all the while sticking with simple core business models. According to its founder, Jeff Bezos, Amazon began and continues as aContinue reading “Simplicity Versus Complexity”

You Can Show Me A Feature, But I’ll Need To See The Outcome

We used to be super focused on putting features in our marketing. Our family started in the school-based SAT and ACT prep markets, so we sold to high schools initially. I remember we would put together sell sheets that focused primarily on our software’s features. Here’s one of those sell sheets. I now cringe whenContinue reading “You Can Show Me A Feature, But I’ll Need To See The Outcome”

Stick To It And See Success

Have you been bouncing around from niche to niche and from solution to solution? Have you been constantly justifying pivots as what you need to do to get clients? Have you thought though, that maybe you’re just not being patient enough? I’m here to tell you that that’s probably what it is that’s holding youContinue reading “Stick To It And See Success”