Why Were We Able To Close 5,000 Clients?

Why were we able to close more than 5,000 clients? One of the reasons was that we chose a saturated market and then niched down to sidestep more fierce competition.  

This is how we worked it.

  1. We chose the super saturated ACT/SAT prep market. Solutions and products in this market are almost like commodities.  It’s bad.
  2. We looked at every potential client and discovered that schools, though targeted by the larger competitors, were not significant enough of a niche market for those larger competitors to provide a completely tailored solution. So, we decided to ditch the consumer market where everyone was competing and instead dominate in the school market.
  3. We developed a platform and content that was tailored to schools rather than individual students working by themselves.

Though it could not truly be defined as a blue ocean, it was a very good move on our part. And it did a few things for us that allowed us to cruise into first position in this ultra-niche market.

  • Our cold outreach was much more effective because few were doing it.
  • Our barrier to entry with search and interruption ad spend was very low.  Essentially we could afford to advertise on Facebook and Google because our big competitors were going after consumers while we were targeting principals and superintendents at schools.
  • We could develop a product laser focused on our client pain points without having anyone else even remotely positioning themselves in the same way.

So, pick a saturated market and niche down till you find a way in where you can dominate. If you’d like help niching down, then please schedule a call with us https://triumph-education.com/

New Mastermind Invite

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Get disciplined. Get moving! Make money online. In this mastermind, we will share long-term strategies and proven tactics. Basically, it’s a place to find your roadmap to startup and grow your online business. Grow yours exponentially from day one. Let’s do that together.

How Often Do You Improve Your Product/Solution?

I’m going to continue to keep this at the heart of who we are as a company and at the heart of our business coaching. Our solution is our foundation. And so we never stop improving it.

Never say that you’re satisfied with your product/solution. Keep pushing. Stay on day one and think of when you first started. You were all about change. Everything was in motion as you worked to make your solution perfect. Why would that change because you’ve been in the market now for 18 months or even 18 years? Stay on day one.

Why? Because it’s the reason you are in business. You’re here to serve and bring your clients to the outcomes they desire.

Everything around you is in motion and changing every day, so stay on target with your solution. You should always consider how the changes in tech, your market, or in business affect your solution. Your clients depend on you and expect this.

In our e-learning business, we’ve always been working to raise grades/test scores higher and higher relevant to time spent on our platforms. There is no point at which we think we’re done. We’re chasing an idea of constant improvement. And because of it many of our clients have stayed with us for more than 15 years.

In our new business coaching as well, we will always push our clients to go further than they thought possible. And we will hold them accountable to this singular idea of never settling for a status quo. We will get results right alongside our clients as we lead them where we know they can go.

If you’d like to learn about how we can help you achieve the same results we have in business and help you hone your solution, then please schedule a free discovery call with us. https://triumph-education.com/

Our Sales Call Script

Developing your script takes time along with the experience of doing thousands of calls. Our script has evolved through the course of closing many thousands of clients. It’s a working document and we’re always honing it, but we have identified key steps and elements that are required to close consistently the clients with whom we want to work. And yes, who we want to work with is not necessarily everyone who schedules a sales calls with us.

One underlying element that’s not listed below is that we are on these calls to help people and we only work with a select few. We’re looking only for people whom we know we can help achieve the results they desire. For us, the call is devoid of any pressure on us except that we are very careful in making the right decision as to whether or not we want to make them an offer.

Here are our current steps:

  1. We start with a very brief greeting and general time of rapport building. Emphasis on brief.
  2. We quickly take control of the call by explaining how the call will be structured.
  3. We ask them where they’re at with their business.
  4. We ask them what is their desired outcome? We ask them to be specific with regards to revenue and anything else that they hope their business, when successful, will give them.
  5. We ask them what is stopping them from getting there? And then after they finish we ask them if there is anything else holding them back or challenging them. (This is very important not to leave out.)
  6. We then give them a clear roadmap for getting to where they want to go. We give them a detailed strategy and even tactics that they can act on immediately to start getting results for their business. And we paint a real picture of what outcomes they can expect by applying massive action to this strategy.
  7. At this point, if we desire to work with them, then we will tell them that we can work with them to achieve the outcomes they desire using the strategies we just detailed. We ask them how that sounds and if they’d like to get started. 
  8. We then wait and we don’t say another word. 
  9. If they say it sounds good and yes that they’d like to get started or if they ask for our program price then we state our price. Then again we remain silent and give them time to think about it.  It’s important not to interrupt them while they make a decision no matter how awkward the silence seems. It’s not as awkward for them because they’re busy thinking through it.  You’re just sitting there waiting, so it feels like a long time, but it’s really not.

If they ask questions about our process or other program details, like what’s included, then we will quickly focus them back on the outcomes they desire and that we will get them to those outcomes. All is possible if they’re willing to commit to the strategy and the work. Our program provides unlimited one-on-one coaching along with a guarantee that requires us to work with you for 12 months and even additional months to make sure you reach your goals for your business. This will give them confidence in our commitment to them.

Note: We choose not to make an offer on roughly  50% of our sales calls.  We determine early on in the call that we do not want to make them an offer because we know that they’re not ready for what we provide. They may be ready in the future, just not now. You don’t want to lead everyone to the sale. It’s not ethical or good for your business. If someone isn’t ready because of issues in their life or business that you believe will keep them from achieving success then you shouldn’t close them.  Also, if they don’t have the right attitude then we’re not going to make them an offer.

Most people have the right attitude and are so excited to get started or learn how to scale. What many lack is a proven roadmap and someone to keep them accountable to following it consistently every day.

If you would like to schedule a free discovery call with us and learn how we can bring you to the outcomes you desire for your business, then please visit,


Do You Have A Guarantee?

Does your offer have a guarantee?

You should always have a guarantee. If someone spends their money on your solution then they should receive the outcome they desire.

Absolutely have requirements in place so they know if they qualify for your guarantee. I mean, they need to do their part too and if they don’t then they shouldn’t qualify for your guarantee. 

But in the end, it’s not about the money or guarantees. It’s about serving them till you get them to their desired outcome. Revenue is our reward for helping them get to that outcome.

If you’d like help developing your offer and guarantee then schedule a call with us.



How focused on your competition are you?  Do you check in on them daily, weekly, or monthly?  Do you borrow from them or make decisions based on their actions?

We rarely follow competitors in any of our markets. And when I say rarely, it’s maybe once per year. 

This is not to say that we think it’s a bad idea to check in on them or even follow them closely. We’ve had competitors do that with us and it’s worked out really well for them. We’ll do our annual look at what they’re doing and we’re flattered by the similarities in their marketing terms or even their product offering.

I find it more fun and more exciting though to be creative and think out of the box when doing product development or marketing. I want to be the kid at the beach who is totally consumed with building the best sandcastle per his/her imagination and not constantly comparing mine to the others.

Yes, we can learn from what others are doing, but ask yourself if other entrepreneurs can learn from what you’re doing.

Business should be fun and focusing on the competition somehow takes that away from me. 

What do you think?

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to go into business? This is probably the most important question you can ask yourself before you start, but also one of the most difficult.

Can you be honest with yourself on this? Often our emotions will betray us. We’re so excited about an idea and to just start that we don’t want to truly look in the mirror. But if we don’t then we may be headed for disaster.

This question is at the heart of every sales call we have with prospects. This question and the question of whether or not they have the right attitude, but that’s another topic.

We call our sales calls discovery calls because we are in discovery mode and listening carefully so to determine if you’re ready to start a business. And yes, the person on the call with us is hoping to discover if we’re a fit for what they want.

Readiness to start a business is like readiness to start a relationship that could lead to marriage. Not something to be taken lightly. And not something to commit to if you have issues that could get in the way. Financial. Emotional. Legal. Family-related issues too can derail the best plans. Your new business is not going to fix your life.

Don’t stop yourself from dreaming and planning, but be careful about just jumping into business without knowing if you’re ready. If you’re not, you’re going to bring all the issues you’re struggling with into your business.

Make sure your life is in order first. You should be happy, healthy, and able to commit to what is a very challenging endeavor.

If you know you’re not ready then work on those areas of your life. Get yourself ready. And most of all, be patient with yourself and with the process of getting ready. People start businesses every day. Don’t rush it.

If you’re not sure, schedule a call with us. Tell us where you’re at and where you want to go. We’ll give you a roadmap for success in the niche market you’ve chosen, but more importantly, we’ll be honest with you if we think you’re not ready to start.


How To Keep Your Clients

One of the key reasons for our success in the e-learning space and why we currently have clients who have been with us for more than 15 years, is because of above-average communication. Our customer care team is an elite group that delivers and supports our solution like no other.

Above-average communication equals above-average client retention.

The hardest thing to do is get a new client and the easiest thing to do is lose one. But, it’s hard to lose one when your customer care/support team has consistent and open communication with your customers.

Warren Buffet says that Rule #1 in investing is, “Don’t lose money!” Then it follows that Rule #1 for us entrepreneurs is, “Don’t lose a customer!”

How not to lose your customers:

1. Have your product/solution deliver beyond client expectations and verify this through regular communication with them.

2. Make sure #1 is part of your company culture.


If you think about it, conversations are what propel your company. Without them, everything freezes up. Product development, marketing, sales, fulfillment, and customer care all depend on fluid conversation.

Internal conversations about product development are the most important in your company because your product/solution is key to dominating your market. Sales conversations are almost equal because they connect your solution with those who will benefit from it.

Sales are far more dependent on conversations. In many ways, conversations are sales happening in real-time.

In high-ticket sales, the more conversations with prospects you have the more clients you close. It’s that simple. The objective of marketing should be to increase the number of daily conversations/sales calls you’re having.

But make sure your marketing is leading to meaningful conversations. How?

  • By targeting ad spend and organic outreach properly.
  • Use surveys in your call scheduling to weed out people who aren’t going to be a fit.
  • Clearly define who you are and whom you work with on your landing pages.
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