Why Were We Able To Close 5,000 Clients?

Why were we able to close more than 5,000 clients? One of the reasons was that we chose a saturated market and then niched down to sidestep more fierce competition.  

This is how we worked it.

  1. We chose the super saturated ACT/SAT prep market. Solutions and products in this market are almost like commodities.  It’s bad.
  2. We looked at every potential client and discovered that schools, though targeted by the larger competitors, were not significant enough of a niche market for those larger competitors to provide a completely tailored solution. So, we decided to ditch the consumer market where everyone was competing and instead dominate in the school market.
  3. We developed a platform and content that was tailored to schools rather than individual students working by themselves.

Though it could not truly be defined as a blue ocean, it was a very good move on our part. And it did a few things for us that allowed us to cruise into first position in this ultra-niche market.

  • Our cold outreach was much more effective because few were doing it.
  • Our barrier to entry with search and interruption ad spend was very low.  Essentially we could afford to advertise on Facebook and Google because our big competitors were going after consumers while we were targeting principals and superintendents at schools.
  • We could develop a product laser focused on our client pain points without having anyone else even remotely positioning themselves in the same way.

So, pick a saturated market and niche down till you find a way in where you can dominate. If you’d like help niching down, then please schedule a call with us https://triumph-education.com/

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