Our Sales Call Script

Developing your script takes time along with the experience of doing thousands of calls. Our script has evolved through the course of closing many thousands of clients. It’s a working document and we’re always honing it, but we have identified key steps and elements that are required to close consistently the clients with whom we want to work. And yes, who we want to work with is not necessarily everyone who schedules a sales calls with us.

One underlying element that’s not listed below is that we are on these calls to help people and we only work with a select few. We’re looking only for people whom we know we can help achieve the results they desire. For us, the call is devoid of any pressure on us except that we are very careful in making the right decision as to whether or not we want to make them an offer.

Here are our current steps:

  1. We start with a very brief greeting and general time of rapport building. Emphasis on brief.
  2. We quickly take control of the call by explaining how the call will be structured.
  3. We ask them where they’re at with their business.
  4. We ask them what is their desired outcome? We ask them to be specific with regards to revenue and anything else that they hope their business, when successful, will give them.
  5. We ask them what is stopping them from getting there? And then after they finish we ask them if there is anything else holding them back or challenging them. (This is very important not to leave out.)
  6. We then give them a clear roadmap for getting to where they want to go. We give them a detailed strategy and even tactics that they can act on immediately to start getting results for their business. And we paint a real picture of what outcomes they can expect by applying massive action to this strategy.
  7. At this point, if we desire to work with them, then we will tell them that we can work with them to achieve the outcomes they desire using the strategies we just detailed. We ask them how that sounds and if they’d like to get started. 
  8. We then wait and we don’t say another word. 
  9. If they say it sounds good and yes that they’d like to get started or if they ask for our program price then we state our price. Then again we remain silent and give them time to think about it.  It’s important not to interrupt them while they make a decision no matter how awkward the silence seems. It’s not as awkward for them because they’re busy thinking through it.  You’re just sitting there waiting, so it feels like a long time, but it’s really not.

If they ask questions about our process or other program details, like what’s included, then we will quickly focus them back on the outcomes they desire and that we will get them to those outcomes. All is possible if they’re willing to commit to the strategy and the work. Our program provides unlimited one-on-one coaching along with a guarantee that requires us to work with you for 12 months and even additional months to make sure you reach your goals for your business. This will give them confidence in our commitment to them.

Note: We choose not to make an offer on roughly  50% of our sales calls.  We determine early on in the call that we do not want to make them an offer because we know that they’re not ready for what we provide. They may be ready in the future, just not now. You don’t want to lead everyone to the sale. It’s not ethical or good for your business. If someone isn’t ready because of issues in their life or business that you believe will keep them from achieving success then you shouldn’t close them.  Also, if they don’t have the right attitude then we’re not going to make them an offer.

Most people have the right attitude and are so excited to get started or learn how to scale. What many lack is a proven roadmap and someone to keep them accountable to following it consistently every day.

If you would like to schedule a free discovery call with us and learn how we can bring you to the outcomes you desire for your business, then please visit,


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