How To Keep Your Clients

One of the key reasons for our success in the e-learning space and why we currently have clients who have been with us for more than 15 years, is because of above-average communication. Our customer care team is an elite group that delivers and supports our solution like no other.

Above-average communication equals above-average client retention.

The hardest thing to do is get a new client and the easiest thing to do is lose one. But, it’s hard to lose one when your customer care/support team has consistent and open communication with your customers.

Warren Buffet says that Rule #1 in investing is, “Don’t lose money!” Then it follows that Rule #1 for us entrepreneurs is, “Don’t lose a customer!”

How not to lose your customers:

1. Have your product/solution deliver beyond client expectations and verify this through regular communication with them.

2. Make sure #1 is part of your company culture.

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