If you think about it, conversations are what propel your company. Without them, everything freezes up. Product development, marketing, sales, fulfillment, and customer care all depend on fluid conversation.

Internal conversations about product development are the most important in your company because your product/solution is key to dominating your market. Sales conversations are almost equal because they connect your solution with those who will benefit from it.

Sales are far more dependent on conversations. In many ways, conversations are sales happening in real-time.

In high-ticket sales, the more conversations with prospects you have the more clients you close. It’s that simple. The objective of marketing should be to increase the number of daily conversations/sales calls you’re having.

But make sure your marketing is leading to meaningful conversations. How?

  • By targeting ad spend and organic outreach properly.
  • Use surveys in your call scheduling to weed out people who aren’t going to be a fit.
  • Clearly define who you are and whom you work with on your landing pages.

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