A VSL or video sales letter is one of the most powerful lead generation tools we’ve found. There are many variations, but we’ve found success like this,

  1. Prospects are attracted to one of our landing pages inviting them to watch a free video that will give them valuable information that they can implement immediately in their business. We’re not worried about giving them our best information…we truly want to help them. They enter their email to gain access to the video.
  2. They watch our 10-minute to 45-minute video.
  3.  After the video, we invite them to a free 45-minute discovery call with us. On the call, we give them what we promised, but we also ask them questions to find out if they could benefit from our coaching program.

Our videos give them 3 to 5 super valuable tactics and strategies for growing their business. We use the landing page to sell them on why the video is so valuable.

The videos are concise but packed with real value.  It gives us a chance to help them while warming them up for a call with us or someone on our team.  We also build rapport with the video, because before the call they have a better idea of who we are. We speak directly to them as if on a one-on-one with them in a real strategy session.

We use Clickfunnels to quickly set up everything regarding the VSLs for new campaigns we’re going to run.

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