Are you struggling to choose a price point for your solution? Keep your focus on the outcomes your solution achieves for your clients. 

People don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want.  If you’re an agency that is good at bringing more organic traffic to landing pages, then you’ll have a lot of customers who want this.  They really don’t want the posts you create for them or the interaction within the chat on those posts.  They want people coming to their landing page…the outcome.

Keep all conversations with your prospects focused on those outcomes and you’ll find that price is not as big an issue.  They won’t ask themselves if they can afford your solution, but rather can they afford not to have it.

Price high.  If you’re questioning the expense of your solution, then your prospects will too.  Fear and doubt are super easy to sense, so get rid of them. 

Price high and don’t budge.

We charge a $7K annual subscription for one of our solutions. It’s a school-based test-prep platform. We know what it’s capable of and so we don’t even flinch when making that offer over a sales call. Our knowledge of the outcomes we deliver gives us that confidence.

So, if you’re a business consulting firm like ours and you know without a doubt that you can bring someone to $10K per month consistently with your program, then why would you charge anything less than $5K…even $10K makes sense. They’ll make $120K over the next 12 months.  You’re selling them $120K for $5K. It’s absolutely a fair price. What do you think?

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