Stick To It And See Success

Have you been bouncing around from niche to niche and from solution to solution? Have you been constantly justifying pivots as what you need to do to get clients? Have you thought though, that maybe you’re just not being patient enough? I’m here to tell you that that’s probably what it is that’s holding you back from success in your business.

Did you see a YouTube video recently that explained why your niche is saturated? Did it change your mind about your niche and shed light on exactly what’s going on? Did you then know that you had to make some changes before you wasted anymore time? If this sounds familiar then I’m going to bet that it’s happened to you many times over.

Please…just stop doing this to yourself. You can stop immediately. Don’t you see that you’re using someone’s YouTube video to justify your desire to change your niche, which is masking your real problem. You’re acting impatient. Impatience is what you might not want to admit. Impatience quite simply kills success in business. It attacks the very things that make great entrepreneurs. It attacks the entrepreneur in you. It attacks perseverance and discipline. Both of those are what cause people to be productive consistently and gain traction in their respective markets.

Here’s a tip for getting rid of impatience. This sounds so simple, but it works. Imagine how your business will be doing six months from now if you start taking consistent action today. Ignore any ideas from YouTube or elsewhere that tell you that you’re in the wrong niche or market. Ignore anything that tells you something is trending or producing serious results for entrepreneurs. If the information is not positive about your niche, then keep away from it. Stick to your plan and along the way each day allow yourself to imagine the outcome.

This is a daily activity. Stick to your niche. Stay on task. You can do it!

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