Product Focus

Have you ever found yourself focused on your competition? You may have a business that’s found success this way and that’s ok. There are businesses that do very well by copying their competition at every turn. They let their competition learn what their market needs and follow their lead on how to serve it best. Both types of businesses seek the same good outcome for customers, but one of them leads and the other follows.

We have always focused on our product. The emphasis here is on “our” product. We’ve never paid much attention to our competition’s products, except to notice our ideas and content. We never slighted anyone for taking ideas or content from us in the past. Many might ask, why didn’t we go after them legally? The reason is focus. We really didn’t have the time. We were constantly focused on improving our product for our customers. We knew all along that while we were constantly moving the needle in favor of our customer experience, they (our competition) would be playing catchup. We really didn’t care. We actually found it flattering if anything.

We’ve also found it to be great fun and this is saying a lot considering our first market was school-based test prep software. We admit it’s not the most exciting market. We are constantly challenged not by a race with other companies, but a race to do what our market is hoping we’ll be able to do for them. So, focus on your product first. Sales and marketing are of course important. But, the degree to which your product is superior in your market is the degree to which you really don’t have competition…and therefore your sales come much easier.

If you need help with building your business by focusing on a superior product or service then please contacts us. We’d love to learn about your business and how we might be able to help you. Schedule a free call today.

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