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“Thank you! Not long ago I wasn’t sure where I was going to find our first client. You gave me the roadmap and know-how for finding our first dozen. Now our issue is dealing with more business than we ever thought possible.”

Ramon Espinosa, CEO of NAO Tech Consulting

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Get Focused On…

…your product of course. We’ve served millions of customers by doing just that.

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Why Were We Able To Close 5,000 Clients?

Why were we able to close more than 5,000 clients? One of the reasons was that we chose a saturated market and then niched down to sidestep more fierce competition.   This is how we worked it. We chose the super saturated ACT/SAT prep market. Solutions and products in this market are almost like commodities.  It’s…

New Mastermind Invite

I’d like to invite you to join our new mastermind, Hustle With Will. It’s on the Vibely platform at https://app.vibely.io/hww/ Get disciplined. Get moving! Make money online. In this mastermind, we will share long-term strategies and proven tactics. Basically, it’s a place to find your roadmap to startup and grow your online business. Grow yours…

How Often Do You Improve Your Product/Solution?

I’m going to continue to keep this at the heart of who we are as a company and at the heart of our business coaching. Our solution is our foundation. And so we never stop improving it. Never say that you’re satisfied with your product/solution. Keep pushing. Stay on day one and think of when…

Our Sales Call Script

Developing your script takes time along with the experience of doing thousands of calls. Our script has evolved through the course of closing many thousands of clients. It’s a working document and we’re always honing it, but we have identified key steps and elements that are required to close consistently the clients with whom we…

Do You Have A Guarantee?

Does your offer have a guarantee? You should always have a guarantee. If someone spends their money on your solution then they should receive the outcome they desire. Absolutely have requirements in place so they know if they qualify for your guarantee. I mean, they need to do their part too and if they don’t…


How focused on your competition are you?  Do you check in on them daily, weekly, or monthly?  Do you borrow from them or make decisions based on their actions? We rarely follow competitors in any of our markets. And when I say rarely, it’s maybe once per year.  This is not to say that we…

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

-Robert Louis Stevenson

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Your Mindset

Get your mindset right and everything else in your business will follow.

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Your Market

Do you know your market? Are you sure? Let’s discuss that.

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Your Offer

Your offer is simply the outcome you promised to your customer.

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Our coaching will give you the, strategy, focus, and discipline you need to get going, get consistent customers, and grow your company.

Our Story

We started in the Silicon Valley as an educational software company. It was 1988 and we challenged a heated, but overpriced market with a unique game-changing solution. The rest is a history that any entrepreneur can learn from…

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